MIDI Cable Extender

The MCE1 - MIDI Cable Extender is an active cable extender up to 1 kilometre without the loss of MIDI communication capabilities.

How does it work

It is bi-directional which means it can Transmit and Receive at the same time. It can be connected to the "snake" multipar on stage and to/from the front room mixing-desk.

If used in conjuction with the MBA8 MIDI/Thru Splitter, MIDI signals can be sent long distance to several MIDI receivers.

Also doubles up as an Isolator between two MIDI devices.


  • MIDI Isolation between Receiving and Transmitting sides
  • Power requirements – 6VAC-9VAC or 9VDC-12VDC, <100mA (you can use a typical BOSS guitar pedal power supply)
  • Input/Output MIDI Sockets – 5-pin DIN socket
  • Input/Output XLR Sockets – 3-pin XLR socket
  • LED indication - Shows that power is applied and blinks when MIDI data is received
  • Protection against - reverse power connection, power supply overvoltage and surges, MIDI/XLR cable inversion/surges and noise

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