Mains Power Protector for Musical Equipment

Mains Power Protector for Musical Equipment

The MPF1 is a protective device that limits and cleans surge from the power line. To be connected between mains power and equipment.


The MPF1 provides outstanding performance in a robust design, offering superior protection against abnormal power circuit conditions.

The MPF1 will accommodate both 120 and 230/240 VAC sources. Due to its reduced size, the MPF1 power is limited by the Ferrite Core dimensions and its Copper winding. The Ferrite is custom made for this purpose in order to guarantee exact specifications. Maximum working current is 4A, hence the maximum working power of ~1000W at 240VAC.

The MPF1 can have more than one load connected to its output as long as the total power is within specification.

  • MPF-1 with enclosure, cables and UK connectors - ready to use version (for UK costumers)
  • MPF-1 with enclosure, cables and EU connectors - ready to use version (for European costumers)
  • Other versions please contact me

Protection Capabilities

  • Noise filtration: Electromagnetic Interference and Radioelectric Interference (EMI/RFI)
  • Spike protection: Interference from atmospheric discharges and line surges

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Output Current - 4 Amps
  • Maxim Output Power - 1000W
  • Operating Voltage - 100-250 VAC
  • Surge Protection Mode - Line to neutral
  • Dimensions - 153mm W x 83mm D x 51mm H
  • Weight - 0.4 Kg

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the filter to connect multiple equipment?
A: Yes it can be used to filter more than one equipment. Please mind that you must follow the maximum current limitation of 4 Ampere of the MPF-1. Also, any other power extension cord you may be used to connect the MPF-1 to main power it must all be capable of handling 4A.

Q: In a case of a power spike in the lines, does the MPF1 protects the equipment? Will MPF1 get damaged after it handles the problem?
A: The MPF1 can handle all of the most common power spike issues that it may be possible to experience at home. The MPF1 will not get damaged and will be able to protect the connected equipment from multiple sequential spikes on the lines.

Q: What happens if I connect MPF1 to or from another surge protection outlet strip? Is it possible?
A: It is possible to connect it one to another but that will not bring many advantages. On a case of using a cheaper surge protection, the MPF1 will outperform the protection capabilities. Mind always to respect the maximum current of the cables and connectors.

Q: Will the circuit and enclosure heat up?
A: No. The circuit was designed to work within the specifications without warm up. On a case that it is pushed out the specifications, the fuse will blow protecting all of the equipment. As the MPF1 does not consume power, it will not dissipate heat.

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