8 Way MIDI Thru/Splitter Board

This is an active 8-channel MIDI-THRU Splitter, which will convert 1x MIDI-OUT into 8x MIDI-THRU outputs that are amplified, isolated, and protected.

For Live / On-the-Road usage.

High level of protection on Input and Outputs give enhanced MIDI communication and protection between music gear.

This 8 way MIDI Thru Splitter device outputs  an exact copy of the input signal, so what goes in is what comes out of each of the MIDI-OUT ports, with NO DELAY. This device is a MIDI-STAR system that connects MIDI devices in parallel with NO LATENCY, avoiding issues associated with MIDI-Device 'daisy-chaining'.

How does it work

Advantages of the 8 way MIDI Thru Splitter:

  • Surge protection on the power supply, input and output ports so all your devices are protected from damage
  • Optical isolation of inputs and output ports, so if any connected equipment fails this failure does not compromise other connected devices
  • No latency, No delay
  • Low noise
  • Low power
  • Compact form factor


  • Power requirements – 6VAC-9VAC or 9VDC-12VDC, <100mA (you can use a typical BOSS guitar pedal power supply)
  • Input/Output Sockets – 1x Input 5-pin DIN socket & 8x Outputs 5-pin DIN sockets
  • LED indication - Shows that power is applied and blinks when MIDI data is received
  • Protection against - reverse power connection, power supply overvoltage and surges, MIDI cable inversion/surges and noise

What's included

What you see is what you get. The electronic board only and no housing.

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