Have complete and easy control over MIDI equipment with the MIDI Foot Controller – MIDIFSW.

The MIDIFSW is to be used as a stand alone universal midi program changer/system controller with other midi devices that recognise midi program change and controller commands.




A large 3 digit LED screen displays which preset is recalled. The unit houses FLASH memory storage so presets will never be lost and enables a 7-pin MIDI connector, allowing phantom power to be used with a 7-pin MIDI cable, avoiding extra adaptor cables on stage.



  • MIDI controller, patch changer
  • 128 patches
  • Up/Down plus 0 to 9 switches
  • 9-12V AC/DC input, 60mA
  • 3 digit high-brightness 7-segment display


Custom modifications are possible to this design, contact me for further info.