The ABCY-BOX allows to route a single instrument’s signal to two/three separate output amp paths. It is used to switch between amps or run them both at the same time with different effect configurations. The inverse is also possible, to plug two/three instruments into a single amplifier, making it easy and convenient to create a rig with eminent flexibility and a variety of tone options.





There is a MIDI-Input connector that receives Program Change/Controller commands. The ABCY-BOX is programmable so each preset has its own ABC configuration: A or B or C, A+B, B+C, A+C or A+B+C. The heavy-duty single-foot switch will manually rotate between them.

The unit houses FLASH memory storage so presets will never be lost and enables a 7-pin MIDI connector, allowing phantom power to be used with a 7-pin MIDI cable, avoiding extra adaptor cables on stage.


There are four LED indicators with different functionality. The top LED is a STATUS that blinks every 1.5s indicating that the system is working and waiting for commands. For every MIDI Data received, this indicator will flash longer.

The remaining three LED indicators are for the A, B and C channels. They lit single or together.



  • Four 1/4″ stereo jacks
  • MIDI-Input with 128 programable patches
  • Durable cast aluminium case and switch withstand onstage wear and tear
  • 4 LED indicators, with steel bezels, for status and switch path monitoring
  • 9-12V AC/DC input, 100mA, center negative




Custom modifications are possible to this design, contact me for further info.