Music Systems


The MIDIPATCH is an effects switching system (loop’s switcher) for instrument pedals controlled by MIDI interface. The switching is made by high-quality electro mechanical relays guaranteeing perfect loss-less audio signals for live gigs and studio recording.


MBA8 – MIDI-THRU Splitter

The MBA-8 is an active 1-to-8 MIDI-THRU splitter box, which will split/convert one MIDI-OUT into eight buffered surge protected outs. It will provide the MIDI-Master device with splitted MIDI-THRU outputs to drive up to 8 slave devices in a ‘star’ network.


ABCY – Box, with MIDI control

The ABCY Box Switcher can take one signal, such as from an instrument, and split it to one of three outputs A, B or C. It is MIDI controllable and programmable.


MIDIFSW – MIDI Foot Controller

The MIDIFSW is a MIDI foot controller with 128 programs, 10 switches plus Up/Down. A numeric 3 digit LED display shows the patch number. Phantom power via MIDI or external power supply.



Power Systems


PWRCOND – Power Conditioner

Power conditioner/distributor with 8x independently switchable IEC power output connectors.

PWRFX – Power Supply for Effects Pedals

Power regulator/distributor for effects pedals or audio rigs, very low noise