Music Systems



The MIDIPATCH is an effects switching system (loop’s switcher) for instrument pedals controlled by MIDI interface. The switching is made by high-quality electro mechanical relays guaranteeing perfect loss-less audio signals for live gigs and studio recording.


MIDIBUF8 – MIDI-THRU Buffer & Isolator

The MIDIBUF8 is a active 1-to-8 MIDI-THRU box, which will convert one MIDI-OUT into eight buffered isolated parallel outs. It will provide the MIDI-Master device with MIDI-THRU outputs to drive up to 8 slave devices in a ‘star’ network.


ABC-BOX, with MIDI control

The ABCY Box Switch can take one signal, such as from an instrument, and split it to one of three outputs A, B or C. It is MIDI controllable and programmable.


MIDIFSW – MIDI Foot Controller

The MIDIFSW is a MIDI foot controller with 128 programs, 10 switches plus Up/Down. A numeric 3 digit LED display shows the patch number. Phantom power via MIDI or external power supply.



Power Electronics


Power Conditioner – PWRCOND

Power conditioner/distributor with 8x independently switchable IEC power output connectors.


Photo-Voltaic Dynamic Load – PVLOAD

Photovoltaic Systems may sometimes crash the Power Inverter in Cloudy Regions or where the Winter Sun hasn’t enough power. The PVLOAD mitigates flickers and system crashes, guaranteeing continuous power delivery.